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Scouting Fun Facts

Boy Scouts Fun Facts:

•   Only 5% of Boy Scouts earn the rank of Eagle Scout every year.

•   Of the 294 US astronauts, more than 180 had been Boy Scouts in their youth; 40 were Eagle Scouts.

•   11 of the 12 astronauts who walked on the moon were Scouts.

•   In 2004, there were 3,145,331 boys in the program and 1,173,064 leaders.

•   One third of West Point and Air Force Academy cadets were in Boy Scouts. 14% were Eagle Scouts.

•   The badges most often earned are: First Aid, Swimming, Cooking, Camping, and Citizenship in the Community.

•   40% of the members of the 111th Congress were in Scouts.

•   In 2009, more than 2.8 million Boy Scouts participated in community service projects. The 36.7 million service hours the Scouts provided, were valued at $764 million!


Famous Boys Scouts:

•   Charles Lindbergh (awarded the Silver Buffalo Award for distinguished service to youth)

•   Walt Disney (awarded the Silver Buffalo Award)

•   Normal Rockwell (awarded the Silver Buffalo Award)

•   Baseball legends Hank Aaron (Life Scout*, awarded the Silver Buffalo Award) and Nolan Ryan

•   Olympic athletes Dan Jansen, Bruce Jenner, Mark Spitz

•   Bob Hope (awarded the Silver Buffalo Award)

•   Vince Lombardi (awarded the Silver Buffalo Award)

•   Charles M. Schultz (awarded the Silver Buffalo Award)

•   Astronauts Neil Armstrong (Eagle Scout, awarded the Silver Buffalo Award) and John Glenn

•   Walter Cronkite, journalist (Eagle Scout)

•   Mike Rowe, star of “Dirty Jobs” (Eagle Scout)

•   Actors Jimmy Stewart, John Heder (Eagle Scout), Ashton Kutcher, Richard Dean Anderson, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Henry Fonda, Jerry Mathers, John Ritter, John Schneider

 •   Filmmakers Steven Spielberg (Eagle Scout) and Michael Moore (Eagle Scout)

•   Recording Artists Jimmy Buffett, Branford Marsalis, Jim Morrison

•   Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft

•   Samuel Walton, founder of Wal-Mart (Eagle Scout)

•   Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, Gerald Ford (Eagle Scout), Jimmy Carter, John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama

 Will YOU be included on this list?